Humanity for Palestine is a project by the Human Act Foundation headquartered in Copenhagen. We aim to create a global movement and uprising for Palestine in support of their right for freedom, justice and equality.

We want to lead by example. We acknowledge the strength and resilience of the Palestinian people, and just like them, we do not believe in giving up.

The history of more than 70 years of dispossessions, ethnic cleansing and human rights violations, is not something we carry lightly and neither is it something easy we can solve. But we will not give up and we urge you to join in solidarity with the Palestinian people to gain their rights and freedom.

Since the end of 2018, the Human Act Foundation gathered a group of Palestinians, activists, journalists, and scholars to initiate a global uprising together.

Humanity for Palestine wants to gather every single person, organisation, institution and government, who stands for humanity to support the freedom of Palestinians. Join us.

We are a non-governmental and non-religious organisation. We are committed to inclusivity regardless of race, gender, religion or disability.